Dr. Tim Lammarsch
Technology Consulting and Software Development

Make effective use of your web site data

You gather data from visitors of your web site. Thus, you presumably just had to to include a “Cookie-Disclaimer”. But which are your advantages of those data anyway? Can you improve your products or your processes? If that is not the case, is it wise to irritate customers with that “Cookie-Disclaimer” after all?

In this package, we analyze together with you which data you actually gather on your web site, and how you can sensibly apply them for your entrepreneurial decisions.

Price: 1000 Euro (plus tax)

Funded Project Start

You yould like to ascertain that you are on the right track in the area of information technology. Do you make use of the data gathered in your enterprise? Are or organizational and planning processes up to date? Are there untapped opportunities to spearhead technological progress together with a partner from academia?

In this package, we analyze in which areas and how your enterprise can benefit from innovative projects. If applicable, we start with a project proposal at a suitable funding agency, which usually renders the first 8 hours to be free of charge for your company. If this is possible dpends on the topic, your company environment, and the funding agencys responsible for your province.

IT security seminar for all employees

Prevent blackouts of your IT facilities. Ensure to never be a victim of ransom demands nor even risk loss of data. Many companies just apply anti-virus software, but with all their advantages, the cannot defeat all threats. An important factor for security is proper training of all employees.

In this two-day seminar, your employees are being trained directly at their work place. Topics include safe working with e-mails and the world wide web.

Price: 2000 Euro (plus tax)

(This price is valid for up to 10 participants. For larger groups, please order an individual consulting product.)