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Privacy Statement

We do not gather any personal data from visitors of our website. Particularly, we do not use cookies.

Data provided by our (potential) customers by e-mail or web form are being processed using systems by easyname GmbH, Fernkorngasse 10/3/501, A-1100 Vienna. Phone calls by customers are processed using systems by A1 Telekom Austria AG, Lassallestra├če 9, A-1020 Vienna. Financial transactions are processed using systems b The third-party contractors do not have any mandate or permission to analyze or further process incidental data. They have declared their conformity with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

By submitting data voluntarily via e-mail or web forms, potential customers agree with us storing this data for up to two weeks. If a contract will be formed from contacting us, further data privacy regulations will be part of that contract. We will not transmit the data to other parties than the e-mail- and hosting-provider. If no contract will be closed, the data will be deleted automatically after the two-week-period.