Dr. Tim Lammarsch
Technology Consulting and Software Development

Consulting in Information Technology

You are struggling with digitalization. Work 4.0? Big Data? How can you convert all that to entrepreneurial success, and how can you get your employees to tag along, instead of fighting it?

We provide comprehensive consulting in information technology. Our core competences are analysis of enterprise data and improving the usability of IT systems. We focus on higly innovative and individual systems.

Price: 120 Euro per hour (plus tax)

Consulting and supervision of research projects

You are already set. With partners from academia (e.g., in a FFG project), you already have developed a prototype that would definitely give your enterprise an edge in the market – if it just was easier to use. In daily practive, the prototype shows to be no fully sufficient.

We support the integration of IT projects in enterprises. We validate the accomplishment of goals by analyzing project results. We moderate between entrepreneurs and employees on one side, and academic partners on the other side.

Price: 120 Euro per hour (plus tax)

Individual app development

Basically, you have a great product on the market – why do you suddenly need an an accompanying app? Just because the competition does have one? Or are there benefits for you, by means of customer acquisition, customer relationship, or just to learn more about your customers, in order to improve your actual product? How can you accomplish this as an enterprise not in the area of software development?

We do not just develop a product, we develop your product. All requests can be fulfilled invidiually, at the same time we will consult you in detail about costs and alternatives. Our products are optimized for usability and fulfill the most current standards in Human-Computer-Interaction.

Price: 120 Euro per hour (plus tax)